The MFL Department

The MFL Department

The MFL Department Promotes “Whole School” Learning

While most Y5 were in Cyprus, the students who were unable to travel used MFL lesson time to plan, create resources and finally teach their lessons like real teachers! Y1 students were enthusiastic recipients, and both curious and engaged in their learning. Together, the 2 year groups showed all the attributes of the Learner Profile! These lessons were then observed by our Y10 A Level students, who followed up with exam-type articles in French about the activity. Lastly, 2 of our IB “French B” students had the task to grade these articles using the Paper2 mark scheme, and selected the best one to include in this newsletter. Wout and Amira gave Anna Hohbach a grade 6 for her work. Bien joué!

Click here to read the article by Anna Hohbach  in Y10



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