Trinity Instrumental Examinations

Trinity Instrumental Examinations

At the beginning of June some very happy, well prepared, excited students performed brilliantly. These students challenged themselves and measured their progress by entering for Trinity Instrumental Examinations.

Congratulations to the 25 NCBIS students below on their achievement this school year. You make us very proud!

Carl Rasmussen Grade 3 Drums with Distinction, Matti Agressi Grade 1 Drums, Adrian Gutterez Initial Electric Guitar, Sacha Froment Curtil Electric Guitar with Merit, Miguel Richter Electric Bass with Merit, Xander Geyskens Initial Classical Guitar with Merit, Niccolo Agressi Initial Classical Guitar, Sofia Frattini Initial Classical Guitar, Wahid Adly Grade 1 Piano with Distinction, Julia Cheung Grade 3 Piano, Leyli Shady Grade 2 Piano with Merit, Joude Amin Initial Piano, Kayla El Kaissouni Initial Piano, Lilly Mahmoud Initial Piano, Selim Zaki Initial Piano, Zein Hussein Initial Piano with Merit, Emilia Gilchrist Grade 1 Piano, Lucas Faulkner Initial Piano, Tereza Blahova Grade 6 Voice with Merit, Judie Abdel Meguid Grade 3 Voice with Distinction, Raya Kobakova Grade 2 Voice with Distinction, Tess Hampson Grade 1 Voice with Merit, Nicole Akhundova Grade 2 with Merit, Margot Van Dyck Grade 3 Flute, Linda Akhundova Grade 2 Flute.

Rebekah Thompson
Head of Music and Drama


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