World Scholar’s Cup

World Scholar’s Cup

On Friday 20th April 3 Year 10 students attended the Cairo rounds of a global event known as the ‘World Scholar’s Cup’ which was held a the Cairo American College (CAC) and accompanied by NCBIS staff. The students who took part were Ark Dutt, Tia Abbas and Jana Zaki who entered the competition of their own accord. They trained and prepared for it themselves and did an amazing job in doing so.

The World Scholar’s Cup (abbreviated as WSC) is an international academic program with students participating from over 50 countries. The competition was founded in 2006 and has attracted what it calls “a global community of future scholars and leaders”, and promotes that it allows participants to “discover strengths and skills you never knew you had.” It focuses on bringing students from different cultures together to discuss issues and ideas relevant to today.

The World Scholar’s Cup curriculum has six subjects that relate to a larger theme. Each year the theme changes, and with it so does the Special Area. The curriculum is designed to help students understand the overarching themes of the subjects and how they relate to one another. Students are often given questions that require critical thinking skills as well as their basic knowledge to come to a conclusion rather than focusing on memorization. For instance, instead of asking on which date an experiment was performed, the question would ask, “Which artist would be most likely to oppose this experiment?” The subjects of the curriculum are: Science, Literature, Arts and Music, Special Area, History and Social Studies. Each area has multiple choice tests, creative writing tasks and/or single and team debates.

Our students did exceptionally well and have now qualified for the Global Rounds (held in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Barcelona).  Some notable awards from the Regional Round included Tia Abbas winning awards for being; Champion Scholar, Debate Champion, Top Scholar and All Subject Challenge Medal. Ark and Jana both won first and second place, respectively, in the prestigious Di Vinci Scholar Award for which they received impressive medals. A huge achievement and congratulations to those three students!!!