Student Council

Welcome to the Secondary School Student Council 2016-2017

Year 7 - Student Council Representative

Hello there, my name is Reema Al Mady, I come from Saudi Arabia. I am part of the student council, representing the Year 7 students. I have been in NCBIS for 5 years and this is now my last year. I absolutely love being taught in this helpful and kind environment. I am a Year 7 student who is also a risk-taker and enthusiastic role model to the younger students in NCBIS. My favourite subjects in this school are Drama and Science. Being part of the Student Council is very fun and it helps me become a good person and more organized in school. It also helps me develop my leadership skills.  As it is my last year I hope to pay NCBIS back for all the good times it gave me.

Year 8 - Student Council Representative

Hello i’m Laila Zeyada, my goal is to be someone who changed the school just like it changed me. I’m part of the NCBIS student council and this helps me achieve my goal. Student council is a special role where i get to experience leadership, power and guidance. I  believe I am a great leader as I join many extracurriculars such as Jv basketball and football. I am also a hardworking student who always puts effort into my school work. I always strive to make improvements in the school and give students the chance to contribute in these ideas. The student council and heads work together side by side to ensure events are successful throughout the year. Being part of the NCBIS community for 10 years has taught me responsibility, commitment and organization and I know many students would agree.

Year 9 - Student Council Representative

Hi, my name is Chloe Rockingham and I’m currently in Year 9. This is my twelfth year at NCBIS and this school has changed and developed hugely. My main interests are performance arts, chemistry, drawing and sports such as volleyball, netball, rugby and basketball. I’m very passionate about drama and acting and this is because I like to pretend to be someone else, to emphasise and imagine how they feel which I think this is useful in life. I love to help people and I always make sure everyone is okay and happy. I also think that my organisation could help the school along with my want to improve and help. Over the years NCBIS has become better and better, and I hope that it will keep on improving for years to come. 

Year 10 - Student Council Representative

I’m Arvin D’Souza and I am a year 10 student studying the IGCSE program.  I take Mathematics, English, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Spanish .

Year 11 - Student Council Representative

Hi, I’m Muhammad Adil Latif. I am in the final year of my GCSEs and even though it is quite a challenging and scary year, we shall overcome it. As Student Council of Year 11, I intend on giving it my all and representing my year group in the manner it deserves. I hope I can be a role model to every student but at the same time, every student is also my role model. I learn from them as much as they may learn from me. I love acting and want to pursue it in the future however, business management is a back up plan. I am a huge Manchester United fan and a Pakistani by passport but a Kenyan by heart as I stayed there for 8 years before coming here to the land of the pyramids. Looking forward to another amazing year!

Year 12 - Student Council Representative

Hello! My name is Sofia Piza and I come from Mexico. I am currently in Year 12 and I am my year’s student council representative. This is my third year in NCBIS and I am currently in my first year of IB in which I am studying: Higher Art, English language and literature, and Spanish as well as Standard History, Sports Science, and Math Studies. I really enjoy fashion and art and will hopefully be studying Fashion Journalism in university. I am very happy that I am in a position in which I’ll be able to collaborate amongst other student leaders and ensure that we make this year another amazing year at NCBIS! 

Year 13 - Student Council Representative

I’m Hoda, and I am proud to be the Year 13 Student Council representative for this year. This being my last year in NCBIS, I am delighted to be in a position where my input can be of benefit to the school. I have been at NCBIS for 13 years, and I will be attending university next year to study music. I am sure that my time at NCBIS has provided me with the skills to succeed.