The Board

NCBIS has a Board of Directors made up entirely of the parental body and ensure a close connection to the school community.  Each year at the Annual General Meeting the elections for the Board are held and voted upon by the school community.  All parents are welcome to run for election and offer many amazing and useful areas of expertise to help the school continue to improve and grow.

The Board of Directors  oversees the strategic direction and financial viability of the school, while taking a support role for the Senior Management Group.

Members of the NCBIS Board, 2018

Mr. Luc Van Dyck (Acting Chair of the Board)
Mrs. Terry Bibawi (Safeguarding and HR)
Mrs. Irene Fahim (Board Minutes and compliance)
Mrs. Shaymaa Saeed (HR / compliance)
Mr. Willem-Jan Blok (Chair of the Board)
Mr. Kurt Geyskens (Compliance)
Mr. Marcel Giesen (Treasurer)
Mr. Hossam Leheta (Facilities)
Mr. Ashraf Sidra (Facilities)

Should you wish to contact the Board for any reason, please write to Please note, that it would always be advisable to contact the school first on, ask to see the person responsible for the area you are interested in, and as a last resort, contact the Board.