Parent Teacher Group

Parent Teacher Group

NCBIS is renowned for its welcoming nature. It is a characteristic that is emphasized by most new members of the community, from teachers to students and their families. The NCBIS Parent Teacher Group (PTG) stands at the core of this spirit, constantly giving dynamism to the community, supporting school and student activities, encouraging parent volunteerism and acknowledging the reality around us through charity involvement. The PTG motto stands for itself: We make community happen.

If you are a parent or legal tutor at NCBIS you are automatically a member of the PTG. There are no membership fees or registrations required, just the will to engage in meaningful opportunities towards a close-knit and dynamic school community.

The PTG Executive Team 2020/2021 was presented with the challenge of leading a community in times of social distancing. The previous school year had closed abruptly but many successful events and community actions had been done until March 2020. However, the new school year was starting under circumstances very far from normality but the new Executive Team was determined to push for a sense of unity and dynamism within our community. Technology and social media became our best allies. The PTG members were called to online meetings and it was online that we managed to have a most successful Christmas Raffle and International Women’s Day. Social Media proved successful in calling some volunteers to put up the Christmas and Ramadan decorations, to collect an amazing amount of donations for our workers Iftar and to prepare country displays on International Week.

We would like to thank our members for their support and volunteering, as well as the school management for counting on us and continuously making us feel as part of a team.

PTG Executive Team 2020/2021

Iria, Consuelo, Maria, Fakhra and Nary

New Cairo
Exec Team