Parent Teacher Group

Parent Teacher Group

NCBIS is renowned for its welcoming nature. It is a characteristic that is emphasized by most new members of the community, from teachers to students and their families. The NCBIS Parent Teacher Group (PTG) stands at the core of this spirit, constantly giving dynamism to the community, supporting school and student activities, encouraging parent volunteerism and acknowledging the reality around us through charity involvement. The PTG motto stands for itself: We make community happen.

If you are a parent or legal tutor at NCBIS you are automatically a member of the PTG. There are no membership fees or registrations required, just the will to engage in meaningful opportunities towards a close-knit and dynamic school community.

Just join our monthly meetings every first Monday of the month at 8 am and follow us in our section of the weekly newsletter. All support, creativity, energy and enthusiasm are much appreciated to make every event and collaboration memorable. New parents will find an opportunity to meet people and settle in smoothly; and those not so new will enjoy working together towards making NCBIS a better place for all.

The NCBIS PTG organizes three main fundraising events along the school year, and the profit goes towards needs identified within our school and to local charities. These are the Christmas Fayre, the Ramadan collections and the PTG Gala.

Also, the PTG runs orientation trips around different areas of Cairo for those new to the city, puts some Halloween fun together for the students, organizes a fantastic yearly Book Exchange and assists the school at the Sports Days.

There are plenty of opportunities to make community happen! Join us!